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French Dip Sandwich

French Dip

  • Author: The Commish
  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Cook Time: 10 min
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x
  • Category: Main


  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 shallot, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1 jigger dry sherry
  • 2 1/2 cups beef broth
  • 1 1/2 pounds roast beef, sliced
  • Steak seasoning, to taste
  • 4 torpedo sandwich rolls, split


  1. In a large skillet over medium heat, warm the butter until melted. Add shallots and saute until tender, about 2 minutes. Add flour and cook 1 additional minute. Add the sherry, and whisk continuously until no liquid remains. Whisk in the beef broth. Simmer the au jus sauce until ready to serve.
  2. Arrange the roast beef slices on a cutting board. Season the roast beef.
  3. Using tongs, dip slices of roast beef in the au jus sauce and stack on a torpedo roll.
  4. Serve each sandwich with a small dish filled with extra au jus sauce for dipping.